Vestas -Energy Transparency (DM campaign)

Getting the attention of opinion leaders and senior managers in 50 selected global companies and explain them the economic benefits of investing in wind energy.

Target Group
35 opinion leaders and 657 CEOs in 50 of world’s largest companies (Experts including Microsoft, Starbucks, Dell, PepsiCo, Deutsche Bank and Johnson & Johnson).

1 Making Carbon Conscious Companies (CaCoCo) aware of the wind as the best solution for creating renewable energy.

2 Create awareness about Vestas as market leader and partner.

3 Putting wind energy on the agenda in global companies and facilitate dialogue with target group.

Personalized edition of BusinessWeek. (I can’t show the final result because of confidential data).

657 individual customized BusinessWeek with targeted and relevant information about the business based on data from a Blommberg report about consumer preferences and willingness to pay extra for products produced with wind energy.

Cover: Transparent whitewash to stress campaign theme: Energy Transparency.

Page 2: A personal letter from Vestas’ CEO Ditlev Engel signaled the importance of the communication.

Insert: Concrete facts explained by infographic and simple statistic.

Web: A personalized online universe with more information and a business ranging of the most energy efficient global companies. The integrated digital part of the campaign developed by Vertic.

Corporate branding film shown at PR events etc.

622 CEOs from 50 brands and 35 opinion leaders received BusinessWeek. 25 CEO’s from 24 different brands responded by logging in to their personalized Energy Transparency site – equivalent to a response rate of 48 % and a response rate at the individual level of 4%.

My work: Concept and -campaign development and copy
 (final copy Glen Weston)
Ad: Benjamin Bidstrup, John B. Hansen, Niels Gjerding & Charlotte Danielsson
Client: Vestas
Editor: Thim Steen Jensen
Copy: Marie Hansen
Music & Sound Design: Sonify Cph
Bureau: Kunde & Co, Copenhagen
Integrated digital partner: Vertic.